Complaints Procedure

Amsterdam Institute of Finance strives to achieve the best possible experience for its students, but we understand that there may be times when a participant or client is dissatisfied with some aspect of what we have delivered.


Informal Complaints
In most instances, the issue can be resolved simply by discussing it with the person/s involved or raising the matter with a relevant faculty member, manager or AIF staff member.


Formal Complaints
If the matter is not successfully resolved via informal means, or the issue is of a serious nature, a formal complaint should be made in writing as soon as is reasonably possible. It is much more likely that the matter will be resolved satisfactorily if it is raised at an early stage.

Written complaints should state clearly the nature and origin of the issue/s, detail what steps have been taken to resolve it informally and (if applicable) explain why the outcome of the informal procedure is considered satisfactory. Complaints should be submitted to an AIF employee so that they may then be assigned to a member of the management team for review.

The manager will contact the complainant to outline the steps they intend to take and to give an indication of the date by which they anticipate being able to conclude their investigation and issue their response.

Once a decision has been made, the complainant will receive a written outcome which sets out details of the findings and, if the complaint is upheld, indicates what action will be taken.

When a participant/client raises a complaint in good faith, AIF will take reasonable steps to ensure that by invoking the complaint procedures, the complainant is not subjected to less favorable treatment. However, if the complainant is found to have raised the complaint dishonestly or maliciously, the matter may be further addressed by AIF management.