PRMIA NL meeting 17 April: What happens when interest rates go up?

The latest PRMIA NL meeting on 17 April was dedicated to the question: Are we ready for an interest rate rise?

18 April 2018
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Redesigned program 11-12 June: Acquisition Finance

Our Acquisition Finance - Structuring the Deal program has been completely revamped and will be held 11-12 June, under guidance of Professor Ralph Walkling.

26 March 2018
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New program 4-6 June: ALM & IRRBB - Optimizing the Balance Sheet

We are launching a new program this summer: ALM & IRRBB: Optimizing the Balance Sheet. New Basel standards are introduced in 2018 for measuring and managing interest rate risk on the banking book (IRRBB). One of the complexities of interest rate risk on the balance sheet is the linkage between Asset Liability Management (ALM), Liquidity (LRP, NSFR), and the IRRBB.

22 March 2018
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Save the Date! AIF Symposium 29 May

AIF Symposium 'The Better Future of Finance' will be held again 29 May 2018.

13 March 2018
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New program 30 May: Understanding Blockchain

On 30 May we will introduce a new 1-day program focusing on the blockchain technology and how it is impacting the financial markets. Many industries - such as the music, hotel and taxi businesses - have already been disrupted by a peer-to-peer business model, and blockchains are doing the same to the world of finance.

6 March 2018
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NEW PROGRAM: Financial Analysis of Storage and Renewable Energy

Join us on 4-6 April for the new program Financial Analysis of Storage and Renewable Energy.

1 March 2018
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BrainBite Evening Lecture: 15 February

We held another BrainBite lecture and networking event on the evening of 15 February. Professor Matti Suominen's topic was: Winning by Timing the Market.

16 February 2018
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Behavioral Finance program 25-26 June

Our next Behavioral Finance program will be held 25-26 June. The training has been redesigned and will now be a 2-day program led by Professor Massimo Massa (INSEAD).

7 February 2018
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PRMIA NL chapter meeting in The Hague 23 January

The next PRMIA Netherlands chapter meeting will take place in The Hague on 23 January. Topic: Insurance Risk Management under Solvency II and IFRS 17.

16 January 2018
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Redesigned Acquisition Finance program

Professor Ralph Walkling will teach the completely redesigned and condensed Acquisition Finance - Structuring the Deal program on 11-12 June 2018.

20 December 2017
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