AIF 20th Anniversary Symposium

On June 9 AIF celebrated its 20th anniversary at a special symposium and networking luncheon in Amsterdam. Guests included AIF alumni and special guests. The featured theme of the symposium was focused on the prevention of future bank failures by means of contingent convertible bonds.

Dr. H. Onno Ruding (Chairman, AIF Advisory Council) and Dr. Alexander H.G. Rinnooy Kan (Member, AIF Advisory Council) opened the symposium and were followed by three keynote speakers:

Prof. Mark Flannery - Bank of America Eminent Scholar Chair of Finance at the University of Florida:
> View his presentation: Maintaining Adequate Bank Capital

Prof. Theo Vermaelen - Schroders Chaired Professor of International Finance and Asset Management at INSEAD , and AIF Program Advisor:
> View his presentation: Contingent Capital: The Case for COERCS
> View the INSEAD Working Paper

Ms. Joanne Kellermann - Executive Director, De Nederlandsche Bank and Member, AIF Advisory Council, who spoke on Basel III and the new regulations.

Following the keynote speeches, Brenda Childers (AIF Managing Director), moderated a Q&A session. Guests were then invited to continue the celebration during a networking lunch.


Onno Ruding - speaking
Dr. H. Onno Ruding opened the symposium

Flannery - speaking
Keynote speaker: Mark Flannery


Vermaelen - speaking
Keynote speaker: Theo Vermaelen


Q&A Session with Speaker Panel: (left to right) Moderated by Brenda Childers,
with Theo Vermaelen,
Joanne Kellerman, and Mark Flannery


AIF alumni and special guests enjoyed an informative symposium