Advanced Valuation – The Next Level

30 September - SAVE THE DATE

This new 1-day program for graduates of the Advanced Valuation program and will extend and refresh the key learnings and insights learnt during Advanced Valuation.

The key elements of the Discounted Cash Flow method are assumed to be well known, however we did not fully develop and discuss the use of scenario and sensitivity analysis during Advanced Valuation. In Advanced Valuation - The Next Level we will delve further into the use of these techniques, in particular scenario-based DCF for valuing start-ups, situations of financial distress, or for incorporating country risk into valuations.

The other area of focus will concern the impact of financing. In Advanced Valuation we highlighted the difference between the Adjusted Present Value method and the WACC method for incorporating the impact of financing on the business. In AV - The Next Level we will consider the implications of alternative financing on the valuation, and analyze the alternative methodologies for incorporating these financing impacts - through the discount rate or through the cash flows. This will force us to re-consider the drivers of the opportunity cost of capital and ensure that all participants understand not only what the opportunity cost of capital is, but why we estimate it the way we do.

To demonstrate mastery of the material, participants will be expected to solve and present case studies to the class.

Faculty: Professor Kevin Kaiser, Affiliate Professor of Finance and Director of the International Executive Program at INSEAD

Who should attend: Advanced Valuation - The Next Level is available only to alumni who have previously attended AIF's Advanced Valuation program.

Program Date:
30 September 2011

Fee:  €1,495

Further details of the program content will be available soon.

If you are ready to take your valuation skills to the next level, then register your interest now by contacting:

Susan Forrest
Corporate Development Manager

T +31 20 520 0178
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