AIF Symposium 29 May: The Better Future of Finance

at De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

Symposium 2018

On 29 May 2018 we organized a Symposium, critically looking at The Better Future of Finance. Following on from our successful 2016 Symposium, this gathering brought together industry leaders and forward-thinking professionals willing to explore the global challenges and opportunities facing the financial industry.

There were three renowned speakers examining issues with potential to fundamentally change the global economic landscape:

Mr Ronald Wuijster (APG Asset Management): 'Long Term, Responsible Investing'

Professor Dirk Bezemer (University of Groningen): 'Does Finance Serve the Economy?'

The Ingo Walter Address by Professor David L. Yermack (New York University Stern School of Business): 'FinTech in Developing Nations: What Has Worked Well and What Hasn't'

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the Symposium such a successful event!

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