BrainBite Evening Lecture 15 February: Winning by Timing the Market

with Professor Matti Suominen

We held another BrainBite evening lecture and networking event on 15 February. Professor Matti Suominen (Aalto University, Helsinki) - who teaches the Valuation program at AIF - discussed whether it is possible to beat the market by timing it.

Bull and bear markets are driven by investor in- and outflow. These, in turn, are highly predictable. New research shows that past returns in bond and equity market predict the flows. In addition, within the month flows occur systematically at certain calendar times. Utilizing this predictability it seems possible to beat the market, recognize the bear early and tame it by investing selectively in bear markets.

The audience was enthusiastic about Professor Suominen's presentation, and the discussion continued afterwards over some drinks and delicious snacks.

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