BrainBite Evening Lecture 30 March: Valuation of Startups

with Luisa Alemany of ESADE

Is it possible to value a new venture? How can we estimate future cash flows if we don't have historical information and the future is uncertain? In this BrainBite lecture Professor Luisa Alemany of ESADE gave some insights into the valuation techniques used by early stage investors - especially venture capitalists and business angels - to negotiate a stake in a high growth startup.

We had a crowded room of entrepreneurs and others interested in the topic who were put to work during the event: Luisa got the audience to make calculations thinking like a venture capitalist. The discussion continued after the lecture at the networking event.

AIF will introduce a new program on the topic, with Luisa Alemany, later this year. Information will be posted on our website as soon as we know more, or you can contact us via info@aif.nl if you wish to be kept up-to-date on the developments.

Audience before

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