Foundations of Finance Participants Open Trading with a Gong

In 2008, NYSE Euronext revived an old stock exchange tradition and every trading day the gong is sounded in the NYSE Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam to mark the opening and closing of the trading session in Europe.

During their busy 2 1/2 week program at Amsterdam Institute of Finance, Foundations of Finance participants were invited to sound the gong.

They follow a line of distinguished guests who have already participated in the gong ceremony, including international politicians, CEOs of companies listed on the exchange and Olympic medal winners as well as other prominent individuals and organizations.

At the stroke of 9am, Shrikant Bhangdiya (Director, The MKS Group - India) sounded the gong on behalf of other Foundations of Finance participants to signal the opening of trading.

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AIF Gong Ceremony - NYSE Euronext - 27 June 2012
Shrikant Bhangdiya sounding the gong surrounded by other Foundations of
Finance participants and AIF Management


NYSE Euronext Amsterdam - Interior view
NYSE Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam


Brenda Childers and Shrikant Bhangdiya
Brenda Childers (AIF Managing Director), and Shrikant Bhangdiya signing
the visitors' book


Foundations of Finance participants at reception
Participants and AIF Management enjoyed a breakfast reception in the
historic building


Chika Ikenga & Joris Koolman
Chika Ikenga & Joris Kooiman


Foundations of Finance participants at reception - 2


Duco Wildeboer presents memento to Shrikant Bhangdiya
Duco Wildeboer (Director Listings Operations - EU, NYSE Euronext)
presents Shrikant Bhangdiya with a memento of the occasion.


NYSE Euronext Amsterdam - Balcony view
Enjoying the view from the balcony