Future of Banking Participants Sound the Gong in Amsterdam

Participants in the Future of Banking Academy sounded the gong today at the NYSE Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam.  The Future of Banking Academy is an invitation-only program co-created by FMO and Amsterdam Institute of Finance.

During their busy week in Amsterdam, participants representing 17 different countries were invited to sound the gong at the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam.

They follow a line of distinguished guests who have already participated in the gong ceremony, including international politicians, CEOs of companies listed on the exchange and Olympic medal winners as well as other prominent individuals and organizations.

At the stroke of 9am, Gulbahor Makhkamova sounded the gong on behalf of the group to signal the opening of trading.



Future of Banking Academy_Gong_2

Future of Banking Academy_Gong_3

Future of Banking Academy_Gong_1