AIF & FMO 'The Future of Banking Academy'


The Future of Banking Academy is an invitation-only program co-created by FMO and Amsterdam Institute of Finance.

For the inaugural program in April 2014, senior executives from financial institutions in developing countries were invited to take part in this interactive 5-day journey, educating professionals that will shape the future of banking and preparing them for new levels of leadership within their organizations. Throughout the program, the global financial landscape, its emerging risks, sustainability and innovation were examined in the context of leadership and strategy that is needed for the future.

Led by renowned academics and practitioners, selected for their expertise and ability to engage professionals, The Future of Banking Academy offers a unique opportunity to learn, share knowledge and interact with other financial executives around the globe. The inaugral program brought together 24 professionals from 20 developing countries in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America. They represented countries such as Cambodia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan and Paraguay.

FMO is the Dutch development finance institution, supporting sustainable private sector growth in developing and emerging markets. FMO's commitment to development finance, combined with AIF's faculty and vision, produced a successful program which was repeated in September 2015.



Future of Banking Academy sound the gong
Class of 2014 - Sounding the gong at NYSE Euronext

Future of Banking Academy_Gong_3

Class of 2015