Ludovic Phalippou listed among 20 most influential people in private equity

European private equity magazine Real Deals has named Saïd Business School's Ludovic Phalippou as one the most influential people within the private equity industry. He was the sole academic to be listed amongst a group of high profile investors, managers and chief executives, and the magazine stated that 'although it may be tempting to file Phalippou's voice as one among many academics, his work is clearly influential.' Ludovic Phalippou's work focuses on the areas of private equity that are of interest to investors and potential investors, such as risk management, liquidity and measurement of returns.

Ludovic teaches the Cutting-Edge Asset Management program at AIF. The program takes place in Amsterdam 30 November - 2 December 2016, and there are still places available. You can read Ludovic's bio here.