PRMIA Netherlands chapter 10th Anniversary Celebration

9 November 2017


Ten years ago saw both the start of the Global Financial Crisis, and the launch of the PRMIA Netherlands chapter. To mark both anniversaries, a meeting was held at AIF on 9 November 2017, in order to glance back at the last ten years and look forward to the next ten years.

Oscar McCarthy, representing PRMIA Netherlands, and Kraig Conrad, Executive Director of PRMIA, welcomed everyone to this anniversary meeting. In the audience were some members who were present at the launch of the Dutch chapter 10 years ago, but also several first-time attendees.

Speakers of the evening were Theo Kocken (Professor of Risk Management at VU University in Amsterdam and founder of Cardano) and Pim Poppe (Chairman of the Education Committee at the VU University in Amsterdam, a consultant with Probability & Partners, and interim CRO of MN Pension Fund). The topics they addressed included the principal impacts of the financial crisis (recession, regulation, nationalization, Euro crisis...) and the trends of the future: the factors transforming the finance sector and how risk professionals should adapt.

PRMIA 9 Nov 2017