Special offer on Resilience for Professional Leadership program

Bring a friend or colleague for free

RPL plant

Resilience is the ability of people to cope with stress and crisis, and then rebound quickly. Today, more than ever, resilience is needed in the workplace. Employees are experiencing ongoing change; they are asked to take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, and deal with uncertainty. Highly resilient workers are able to cope well with high levels of disruptive change. While resilience of organizations and institutions is needed to cope in the disruptive and rapidly changing world, it is the professionals who need to make this happen.

AIF is launching a new program Resilience for Professional Leadership which enables professionals to create added value for themselves, and therefore their organizations. We are offering a special '2 for the price of 1' promotion for this program: bring a friend or a colleague with you for free! ​​​The program will be held 19-20 December in Amsterdam.

Further information on the program and its facilitator Dr. Sven Hansen can be found here.

If you and a friend or colleague would like to make use of this promotion, please use the following code when enrolling: RPLWS. For any questions, please contact us at +31 (0)20 520 0160 or info@aif.nl.