Systemic Risk Symposium

- Addressing the Threat

The AIF Systemic Risk Symposium held at De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch Central Bank) on October 4th was a great success and well-received by those who attended.

The aim of the symposium was to  provide a frank assessment of where we are on the progress-meter for creating acceptable adjustments to contain systemic risk in the financial architecture. Dynamic and lively discussions from panel members provided an interesting and informative afternoon.

Part 1/3 - Opening Address

Opening address by Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at De Nederlandsche Bank

Part 2/3 - Session 1

Session 1 - "Systemic Risk in Perspective".

Speakers include: Ingo Walter (NYU Stern School of Business), Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam), Sir John Gieve (Formerly of the Bank of England) and Wietze Reehoorn (ABN AMRO).

Part 3/3 - Session 2

Session 2 - "What are the policy alternatives and the progress?"

Speakers include: Viral Acharya* (NYU Stern School of Business), Aerdt Houben (De Nederlandsche Bank), Jan Pieter Krahnen (Goethe University)

Symposium Chairman

  • Dr. Alexander Rinnooy Kan - Chairman of the Supervisory Board at De Nederlandsche Bank

Panel Chairs

  • Ingo Walter - Seymour Milstein Chair in Finance, Corporate Governance and Ethics, New York University Stern School of Business
  • Viral Acharya - C.V. Starr Professor of Economics, Department of Finance, New York University Stern School of Business

Panel Members

  • Arnoud Boot - Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, University of Amsterdam & Director, Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE)
  • Sir John Gieve - Former Deputy Governor for Financial Stability, Bank of England
  • Aerdt Houben - Director, Financial Stability Division, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Jan Pieter Krahnen - Director of Centre for Financial Studies and Professor of Finance,  Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Wietze Reehoorn - CRO responsible for Risk Management & Strategy, Managing Board ABN AMRO Group


> Download the presentations and papers (described below)


  • Opening Address by Alexander Rinnooy Kan
  • Systemic Risk: A Few Pictures Worth a Thousand Words by Ingo Walter
  • Systemic Risk: Roadmap of Reforms by Aerdt Houben

Additional materials

  • White paper: A Bottom-Up Accountant's Perspective by Jules Muis
  • Slide presentation:Is there a Future for Coco Bonds? by Theo Vermaelen
  • Notes: Is there a Future for Coco Bonds? by Theo Vermaelen


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(Left to Right) Panel Chair, Ingo Walter with Arnoud Boot
& Sir John Gieve

Systemic Risk Symposium - Introduction slide
Introduction to the first panel

Sir John Gieve & Wietze Reehoorn

Steven Kaempfer (Advisory Council, AIF),
Buford Alexander (Chairman Supervisory Board, AIF) & Brenda Childers
(Managing Director, AIF)

Risk Symposium - Viral Acharya, Aerdt Houben, Jan Krahnen
(Left to Right) Panel Chair, Viral Acharya with
Aerdt Houben & Jan Krahnen

Risk Symposium - Brenda Childers and Dick van Wensveen
Brenda Childers & Dick van Wensveen (former Chairman, AIF)

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