“The program helps you think outside the box when analyzing financial statements.”
Senior Credit Analyst
Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Saudi Arabia

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
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CE credits

This program is eligible for 24 CE credit hours as granted by CFA Society VBA Netherlands

Do you need to understand a company’s profitability? Are you interested in a firm’s growth in revenues and earnings, and how that growth drives share prices? Are you concerned with the firm’s risk? These are questions of fundamental importance for professionals involved in equity investments, lending and credit risk assessments, mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy and governance, consulting, and financial regulation. Companies’ reported financial statements provide a wealth of information to understand profitability, growth, risk, and value. But to unlock that wealth of information, you have to know where to look and how to analyze the numbers. The Advanced Financial Statement Analysis program will provide you with an analytical framework and practical tools to analyze and exploit information in corporate financial statements. 

Financial reporting under IFRS and U.S. GAAP provides corporate managers with wide latitude in how they measure and report financial performance and position. Managers can use this latitude to inform or to mislead stakeholders. Past financial reporting scandals (e.g. Enron) reveal that managers who engage in earnings management or fraud can do enormous damage. Therefore, this program will also increase your ability to assess accounting quality, and detect and undo earnings management.  

How you will benefit
  • Analyze and use the information that firms report in balance sheets,
    income statements,statements of cash flows, and related notes100% recommendation December 2016
  • Understand the types of accounting choices and estimates under IFRS and US GAAP that managers make in terms of their business strategy, constraints, and especially incentives
  • Evaluate firms’ accounting quality, and test for the likelihood of fraud
  • Know how to restate firms’ reported financial statements to undo earnings management, when needed
  • Develop a better understanding of the types of red-flags to watch out for by analyzing the current financial statements of a company, as well as actual real-life case studies of several high-profile organizations
  • Gain a powerful toolkit you can use to analyze financial statement data to assess firms’ profitability, risk, growth, and cash flows
  • A Framework for Financial Statements Analysis
  • The Role of Earnings in the Capital Markets
  • The Information Content of Financial Statements
  • The Determinants of Accounting Quality and a Framework for Assessing Accounting Quality
  • What is Income? Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance
  • Case studies: Twitter, Cisco

  • Accounting Quality Analysis
  • Adjusting Reported Financial Statements 
    - Deep Dive into Starbucks’ Financial Statements and Accounting Quality
  • Advanced Analysis of Accounting Quality
  • Detecting and Undoing Earnings Management
    - Classic accounting quality cases: CUC International, Boston Chicken, Enron


  • Financial Statements Analysis Toolkit: Analyzing Profitability, Growth, and Risk
  • Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Analyses
    - Deep Dive into Starbucks’ Profitability, Growth, and Risk
  • The Life Cycle of Income and Cash Flows
    - Start-Ups vs. Growth Firms vs. Cash Cows vs. Declining Firms
  • Analyzing the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Take-aways: Using this information moving forward




Who should attend

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis is recommended for finance professionals who need to deepen their knowledge and skills in analyzing and using financial statement information (balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows, footnotes).

Jim Wahlen 

Jim Wahlen is Professor of Accounting, Chair of the Accounting Department, and the James R. Hodge Chair of Excellence at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. His teaching and research interests focus on financial accounting and the capital markets.

Jim is an award-winning teacher, and co-author of Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis: A Strategic Perspective.  He received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1991, and has had public accounting experience in both Milwaukee and Seattle.

Dates & fees
13 - 16 May 2019 € 4,400
2 - 5 December 2019 € 4,400

Program fee includes all study materials, books and software that are required for the program as well as daily luncheons.
Program fee is exempt from VAT for clients located in the Netherlands. For other EU and Non-EU clients, VAT may be due by client and will not be charged by AIF. Fees may be subject to change.

100% of the attendees in the May 2018 session would recommend the Advanced Financial Statement Analysis program to their colleagues.


"Finally a course that combines competitive analysis, earnings management and valuation."
Senior Economist
Vereniging van Effectenbezitters
The Netherlands


“The program helps you think outside the box when analyzing financial statements.”
Senior Credit Analyst
Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Saudi Arabia


"It gives a framework and insights, is built up very well, great teacher."
Financial Risk Officer
ING Bank
The Netherlands

"The program teaches 'non-accountants' how to critically read financial statements and provides a good understanding of the quality of accounting information, as well as how it can be used in valuations."
Associate, Financial Institutions Group, 
CA IB Corporate Finance


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