"Negotiation Dynamics provides an interesting and somewhat provocative view of some of the common beliefs that a negotiator is pre-occupied with. It also provides an interesting insight into how value can be created in an adversary situation."
Senior Advisor, M&A and Financing
Shell International
United Kingdom

Negotiation Dynamics
Advanced techniques for improved results

CE credits

This program is eligible for 18 CE credit hours as granted by CFA Society VBA Netherlands

Negotiations have a direct and measurable impact on profits. Negotiation Dynamics is an intensive and hands-on workshop to sharpen your negotiation skills:

Learning by Doing
The best way to learn about negotiation is to negotiate. Gain invaluable experience by engaging in a broad range of face-to-face negotiations.

Real Life Cases
All the material, cases and role-plays are based on real life negotiations. Examples and anecdotes are drawn from thirty years of negotiating experience.

Practical Skills
Particular emphasis is given to negotiation practice, captured by the experience of negotiation professionals throughout the world.

100% recommendation April 2017 

How you will benefit

  • Master price negotiations
  • Structure complex package deals
  • Identify opportunities to create value
  • Avoid arguments
  • Maintain composure under pressure
  • Manage long-term business relations


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Price Negotiations – Concepts and Tactics

  • Diagnosis and preparation
  • The Twin Pillars of Bargaining Power: Alternatives and Information
  • Opening offers
  • Concession patterns
  • Focal points and commitment
  • Closing the deal

Package Deals – Defining the Optimal ‘Architecture’ of Complex Agreements

  • Creating a negotiable agenda
  • Homans’ Law
  • Salami slicing
  • Evaluating tradeoffs: ‘Efficiency Ratios’
  • Exploring options 
  • Using MESOS

Breaking Deadlock – A Process Perspective

  • Aggressive Negotiating Challenges
    - Stand-offs, stalling tactics and waiting games
    - Conflict escalation: structural characteristics and psychological dynamics
  • Changing the Structure of the Problem: ‘The Issue is Never the Issue’
  • A Process Perspective on Breaking Deadlock: The Method of the ‘Five A’s”

Negotiating Deals in an Uncertain Environment

  • The challenges of negotiating long-term contracts in an uncertain environment
  • Identifying opportunities to create value
    - Playing on differences between negotiating partners to create value
    - Creating ‘expected’ value: opportunities and limits
  • Competition: Playing on differences to lock in sustainable competitive advantage

Mastering the Process Fundamentals

  • Retaining composure under pressure
  • Maintaining a constructive negotiating atmosphere
  • Making proposals: effective and ineffective language
  • Handling tough questions
  • Spotting lies – and knowing how to deal with them

Asymmetric Information: When Parties Have Totally Different Views of the World

  • Gaining Personal Credibility: a Process Perspective
  • Using Proposals to Overcome the Credibility Gap: Signaling and Screening
  • Promises and Threats
  • The Negotiation Time Frame
  • Winning the ‘Battle for Mind Space’ 
Who should attend

Negotiation permeates our personal and professional lives and plays a critical role in the successful completion of all business deals. While Negotiation Dynamics will benefit virtually all executives, it will be of particular interest to:

  • Investment bankers
  • Consultants
  • Executives in liaison roles such as country managers
  • Lawyers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales managers
  • Key account managers
  • Managers handling procurement

Participants wishing to enroll in the program should have experience in actual negotiations, for both their own benefit and the benefit of other participants.




Ingemar Dierickx 

Ingemar Dierickx is a founding partner at D&AC Consulting, a company that offers a wide range of negotiation support services. Previously he was Professor of Negotiation Dynamics at Moscow School of Management (Skolkovo). Before joining Skolkovo, Ingemar was Professor of Negotiation Analysis at INSEAD for almost twenty-five years. For nearly three decades, Ingemar has represented and advised high net worth individuals and corporate clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including banking, insurance, oil and gas, as well as the public sector.  

Ingemar Dierickx holds a PhD (Business Economics) from Harvard University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar.  He also holds law degrees from the Harvard Law School (LL.M.) and the Rijksuniversiteit Gent (Lic.Jur.)

Dates & fees
15 - 17 April 2019 € 3,900
7 - 9 October 2019 € 3,900

Program fee includes all study materials, books and software that are required for the program as well as daily luncheons.
Program fee is exempt from VAT for clients located in the Netherlands. For other EU and Non-EU clients, VAT may be due by client and will not be charged by AIF. Fees may be subject to change.

92% of the attendees in the October 2018 session would recommend the Negotiation Dynamics program to their colleagues.


"A good course. Straight afterwards I saw the first positive results in the early stages of a negotiation."
Director Market Access & External Affairs
Pharmaceutical Company

"Very informative, hands-on, a lot of practicing"
Senior Policy Advisor
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
The Netherlands

"It can make an important impact on your career if you have the courage to analyze your negotiation processes and your behavior in them - especially your mistakes. The professor is simply incredibly good!"
Vice President, Principal Investments
The Netherlands


"Negotiation Dynamics provides an interesting and somewhat provocative view of some of the common beliefs that a negotiator is pre-occupied with. It also provides an interesting insight into how value can be created in an adversary situation."
Senior Advisor, M&A and Financing
Shell International
United Kingdom


“It gave me so much inspiration and intellectual stimulation. Wonderful! Thank you.”
Treasury Manager
Royal Vopak
The Netherlands


“I would recommend the course to experienced negotiators. It provided some interesting alternative ways of approaching negotiation.”
Director of Business Development
Kayak Software Corporation
United Kingdom


“Well structured, informative, dynamic and entertaining.”
Manager M&A
The Netherlands

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