Joost de Haas is a Adjunct-Professor of Entrepreneurship at Insead since 2009.

Joost has (co)founded a number of businesses in various industries and has been active in turnaround management since 2001. Currently, Joost is the CEO of Roto Smeets Group, one of Europe’s leading printing and multimedia companies ( Roto Smeets Group is listed on NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam.

After graduating with an MBA from INSEAD in 1986, Joost joined McKinsey & Company. Upon leaving McKinsey he has held several executive and senior management positions in mostly FMCG and telecommunications companies, before turning an entrepreneur in 1994. His core skills include restructuring companies through operational and financial engineering, as well as growing and financing fledgling companies.

Joost holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Business Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and an MBA from INSEAD.

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