Investment in startups plays a key role in the current economy. New companies create most of the new employment, generate innovations and disrupt existing markets. From the investors’ point of view, there is an opportunity to get high returns by investing early in some of the most successful companies of the decade. Investing in new startups and ventures is a very active market; understanding its dynamics and how to get involved – from an investor’s perspective – is key for being successful.

The Entrepreneurial Finance program covers the whole cycle of investing in new ventures. It is crucial for any investment teams who need to learn more about investing in startups. Finance professionals who will benefit from this training include investment analysts, associates, managers, and consultants. Regional development organizations will also find this program relevant, as well as other professionals who interact with startups in the process of raising funds, or who advise venture capital funds and need to understand how they work.

Entrepreneurial Finance can be offered as a 2- or 3-day in-company program. It is possible to introduce customized case studies to the participants that are company-specific or industry-specific.

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