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The Private Equity program provides participants with a solid and critical understanding of the inner workings of later-stage private equity (growth capital, buyouts and turnarounds), including the operation of private equity funds, the ways and means of engineering buyouts and restructuring transactions, reporting and performance measurement, and the institutional investor perspective.

We will re-examine the assumptions behind the industry and provide a provocative, cross-country analysis of the ways and means of investing in growth, buyout and turnaround situations. The program will provide an intense learning experience comprising formal lectures, group discussions, exercises and case studies.

Read the interview ‘Why private equity matters in capital markets’ with Professor Benoît Leleux.

How you will benefit

  • Analyze and understand the marketplace for private equity: size, trends, issues affecting the market and major players
  • Investigate offering memoranda of private equity funds with case studies from throughout Europe
  • Understand the investment structures and return drivers used by private equity specialists
  • Learn the finer details of buyout term sheets and how to structure transactions
  • Review the key governance and control mechanisms issues in private equity

Program length
3 days

Day 1 09:00 – 17:00
Day 2 09:00 – 17:00
Day 3 09:00 – 17:00

Private Equity Cycle

  • Funding growth: the private equity world
    – The sources of growth funding: angels, venture capitalists private equity specialists
    – Playing the growth financing game
  • Introduction to the private equity industry 
    – The various segments in private equity
    – An overview of the private equity industry: back to basics 2004
    – Characteristics and objectives of private equity investors
    – The use of private equity as form of financing for companies
  • Raising and structuring the private equity funds 
    – Contractual relationships between limited and general partners
    – The private equity prospectus
    – Fund raising strategies

Private Equity Screening and Investment

  • Deal sourcing and investment process
    – Identifying the deals
    – Managing the sourcing network
    – Syndicating deal sourcing and analyses
  • The due diligence process
  • Negotiating the investment contracts
    – Term sheets and investment contracts
    – Incentive structures in buyout deals

Managing Investments and Fund Reporting

  • Managing the portfolio
    – Degree of involvement in management
    – Reporting on an investee company to fund investors
    – Fund performance measurement issues
  • Managing exit decisions

The Private Equity program targets bank managers’ intent on understanding the industry better, investment managers keen to develop a thorough understanding of the deal mechanics, institutional investors with an interest to commit funds to the sector as an asset class, and corporate managers looking for a better understanding of how private equity investors create value in deals.


Benoît Leleux

Benoît Leleux is the Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at IMD (International Institute for Management Development) in Lausanne, Switzerland where he directs entrepreneurship and innovation related programs. He was director of Research and Development and Director of the MBA Program. Previously he was Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD and Director of the…

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  • 3 days
  • € 3600
  • Corporate Finance, Investment Management
  • English
  • 4.3 / 5
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